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General understanding of how "Payoneer" works

kabbu Member Posts: 3
I am from "Maldives". I have read this forum and have a few questions. Also i have an understanding of how "Payoneer" works. If I'm wrong please correct me.

In our country paypal currently allows money to be sent but no received

* Things I have Done.
1. I open my payoneer account.
2. Waiting for my card.

* Questions
1. Will i be able to add my card to current paypal account or should i create another paypal account in some other country to add my payoneer card?

2. Will i be able to withdraw money from my payoneer account from an ATM which is associated with Mastercard anywhere in the world?

3 .If i have added my payoneer card to paypal will i receive that amount to my payoneer account? And will i be able to take the money in my payoneer account from an ATM which is associated with Mastercard anywhere in the world?

Note: I Do not wish to link my payneer card to my bank account.

Sorry for the long post.
Appreciate your quick answer


  • anni2010
    anni2010 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2015
    Assalaamu Alaikum kabbu, i got this message from you

    "hello neevin.
    im from maldives too. i would like to ask a question. how did u get money to go in your payoeer account. i mean, is it through paypal? if its through can you tell me how and is it possible to add the payoneer card to paypal account and receive payments to your payoneer account even in maldives?
    i will greatly apreciate if you help me out here.
    thank you for your time"

    NOTE: I've created a community account with another email and ID anni2010 because I couldn't use the email use the email associated with my Payoneer account.

    1) First of all I don't use Paypal because as far as I know Paypal doesn't allow to "recieve" money for certain countries. One of them is Maldives. But you can always send or by adding a Bank of Maldives card or any other card to your paypal account. I use Payoneer with to recieve my affiliate commissions, promoting other people's products.

    2) Yes you can withdraw money from any ATM. I've used the Bank of maldives ATMs several times. But I think Payoneer charges some percentage for internation users (None US), and also bank of Maldives ATM shows Rf.100 will be deducted. I don't think there will be charges if you use Payoneer cad to buy stuff onlne. I made some purchases last year from ebay by adding my Payoneer card to Paypal. There were no charges, just $1 deducted from Paypal. The charges come when you withdraw from ATMs and there are other charges, see the FAQ secion.

    3) This question again I don't have an answer.

    4) For this one also I don't have an answer because it's Paypal.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • kabbu
    kabbu Member Posts: 3
    Thank you friend. I also have a click bank account. Any ideas on how to promote the products? I really want to get started and I'm new to affiliate marketing. Appreciate your kind response..
  • anni2010
    anni2010 Member Posts: 3
    You're welcome. it's not that simple now a days. You need to know what niche you're intersted in and how much demand it's on that niche globally. I think the easiest way these days is to buy a domain name, create a Facebook page, post relevant content and promote those posts with the affiliate link embedded in he domain. It's not hat simple to explain.

    The next option is to create a Youtube channel,create 2 to 5 minutes information videos about your topic, and your domain in the description box, so that people will click that link and take them to the the promoting offer. I've explained it in a very broad way but the main aim is to promote your videos and make more people see it. More the people see your Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and click your domain, more and more people will go to what you're promoting.
  • kabbu
    kabbu Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2015
    Wow!.. Thanks alot.
  • anni2010
    anni2010 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2015
    You're welcome, it's my pleasure to help. There are other ways methods but basically everyone is doing afifliate markeing, unless you're promoting your own product. There are lots and lots of ways to promote. But Isuggest you create some simple videos.

    Other good afifliate platforms like and great but I've been using clickbank for sometime now because it's easy, commission is high and there are good products to promote. Also they have 4 payment methods, check, paypal, funding to Payoneer debit card, and direct deposit to your local bank.