I'd Like Payoneer To Keep Supporting Centregold

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After latest news of Centregold about the discontinue of issuing and processing transactions with Payoneer, most of users are left without any chance to use Liberty Reserve with this great debit card. Personally my business will risk to vanish if Centregold will do that on 30th September. I use Payoneer a lot and i never imagine my life without it.

A quote of the news:

September 15, 2012
We regret to inform that due to a disagreement we have to discontinue issuing Payoneer MasterCard cards, as well as stop all operations with the current MasterCards issued to our customers as of Oct 1, 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. An alternative solution is to offered in the near future.

A notification from Centregold

You have been our customer and our debit card holder for some time now, and we appreciate your business very much. However, this time we have to bring you some not-so-wonderful news. Due to a disagreement with Payoneer®, September 30 will be the last day we will be able to fulfill orders for any payments to your debit card. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. At this time, we are working on finding an alternative solution for you. We will find as better a way as possible to make sure you will be satisfied with our new debit card program once we have launched it. Because you're a current debit card holder, we will give you a special discount for obtaining our new debit card.

Your card should remain active after September 30, but we will no longer be able to apply payments to it. Moreover, you should be able to use this card for other Payoneer® partners.

Meanwhile, please consider to use our PayPal option for receiving payments for your sale orders after September 30, 2012.

Thank you for staying with us, and for your understanding.

Please Payoneer administrators rethink your disagreement with Centregold, i do not know the main reasons for that but we are ready for any fees rising or anything to keep Payoneer close as much as possible to Liberty Reserve users which are a big part of online business market.
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