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Support claims they sent me the forms, but the e-mail contains NO attachments. Anyone please help?

xrcv Member Posts: 9
Can any of the admins here be kind enough to help me resolve this silly issue?

REFERENCE NUMBER: 150418-002510

Customer support claims they sent me the chargeback acceptance forms, but their e-mail contains NO file attachments at all. Tried 5 times, same. The e-mails I receive contain NO ATTACHMENTS of any kind.

>we ask that you fill out the attached form
>>> your message does not contain the mentioned attached form, can you try re-sending it?
>The form has been attached to this correspondence please let us know if you need assistance.
>>>I'm just sorry, but yet again, your message contains no file attachments
>Please see attached the form.
>>>No, your e-mail doesn't contain any file attachments at all, I checked multiple times....

I mean this is just silly....I know exactly how a file attachment looks, the multiple e-mails contain NO SUCH attachments.


Also wanted to try another e-mail, but to do that support wants me to change my username to the new e-mail, that doesn't seem right at all..Especially since I know my current e-mail works just fine and receives attachments without any problems...