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Probleme before even getting started :s

Chakib Member Posts: 2
Hello all ,
I've got a little probleme maybe someone can help !
Here is my little story .. starting for the end ! Normaly I had to receive my card in November 2014 ( last year) and till now didn't receive it yet,
so I just got in contact with support .. I sent them a mail and I received an answer where they told me to send them for a 2nd time my address , my phone number , country ... So I just did but till now didn't receive anyting ! How can I juste ask for a 2nd card because didn't receive the 1st :neutral: ?


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595

    I'm sorry for your unpleasant experience, however unfortunately we cannot provide support regarding your personal accounts here on the forum. Any questions should be directed to our customer support department:


  • Chakib
    Chakib Member Posts: 2
    Hi Sivan , Thank's for the answer but I have already used the support and sent my information and no answer yet ! Do you have any other suggestions ?