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What does Payoneer mean when it says "Immediately"?

skoldin Member Posts: 1

Recently I have had a need to get money fastly loaded to my account. After some research, I found a great, as I thought, tool which allows to load money from a credit card

The thing that most worried me was time. The service description says: "Funds can be loaded immediately- up to 2 days of approval". Hm, can be a couple of days called "immediately" in terms of money transferring (an electronic transfer!)? Probably not, I thought, but still I could wait for a couple of days.

The two days (without any "up to") passed, and guess what I see about the transfer in my account? Processed, Est load date on 08/11/15 12:00:00 AM. Great! It's 08/08/15 here, so let's wait another 3 days.

My question to Payoneer:
What do you mean when you say "Funds can be loaded immediately", maybe you are sarcastic a little? Do we exist in the same reality (a rhetoric question, you may not answer)? 5 days it's not "immediately" for anyone!

My suggestion to Payoneer:
Remove this disgrace about "Funds can be loaded immediately" from the description of the Credit Card Loading service and stop to cheat your clients!