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15 days without answer - payoneer is very unserious company - stay away

perica Member Posts: 4
edited August 2015 in Ask The Community
I'm waiting for answer from Payoneer for 15 days. I wrote to them 3 times in the meantime, but it's obvious that they are ignoring queries of their clients. I want to share this with everyone on the forum just because I believe that you should think better before you open the account in Payoneer. Recently I was robbed of ~$3800 by Payoneer guilt, because they are using insecure card without the pin. After they decided that they can return only 50% of the funds, although it's payoneer blame for stolen amount from the card, they have ceased to correspond to the ticket and did not return even those 50%. Therefore, Payoneer is frivolous companie that will eventually rob you, so it's better to be as far away of them!