Adding New payoneer card to Envato replacing existing card.

mmaumiommaumio Member Posts: 2
I'd like to add my payoneer card replacing my partner's payoneer card in Envato.
I had a live chat session with support.
The person is not in any help.
This is very annoying I'm sorry to say.

He's been asking Payee id, but he didn't even know if ThemeForest is a brand of Envato.

Anyone did this before?
I'd really appreciate some insights.

Thank You


  • neelneel Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
    @mmaumio Payee ID refers to your username normally. However for few sites they provide a numerical id.
    Login to your old payoneer account and navigate to the funding source option. You'll get details about your envanto payee id there (as you told your old account linked with your evnanto account).
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  • shameemshameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    Contact with ENvato support to get replace Old card with New card link. Payoneer wont help you as this should be from Envato side.

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