Phishing Email received via Support email of Payoneer

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Today, 7 Hours ago I have received an email from someone pretending to represent a trustworthy organization Payoneer.

The reason I am reporting this issue is because the email was sent from "[email protected]" which is really very weird because Gmail didn't detected this email as Phishing or Spam email. Another reason for reporting this issue is to aware other Payoneer users about this kind of phishing email.

Here is the screenshot of email that I have received:

easycaptures [dot] com/3380453192

And if you see in this picture also marked as IMPORTANT in Gmail :hushed:

easycaptures [dot] com/9754308226

Here is the URL on the button inside Email:

paypalinfo.batel [dot]
(do not open this URL when you are logged-in to Payoneer account for security reasons)

I request Payoneer Security staff to check this email and take action against these kind of morons.

Best Regards.


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    Thank you for reporting the matter. Can you please send me the screenshot of the email via private message?
  • waqasjawed
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    Hi, I have PM you.

    I also have forwarded that email to reportaprob[email protected] with the subject of "Suspected Phishing Email".