Funds Load Problem

I have received my payoneer card few days ago, and i want to load my card with funds. I give $100 to one of my friend to send money from your payoneer card to my card by hand, as i have not affiliation with payoneer affiliates to get money from companies that's why i want to load my card to spend online. But problem is that , $100 amount is deducted from sender account but i still not receive my amount in my account. Plz help me out to get my money or is there any way to refund money back to sender. Kindly help me out. thanks


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    Hi AhsanNaeem i have the same issue my balance is not appearing on my card 2 months a go I contact to customer service but they sent me wrong solution and i keep sending email but still they didn't replay to Email
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    Hey there

    Generally, payments sent via the Make a Payment Service are loaded within 24 hours unless more information is needed to approve the payment- especially if it is the first payment. We advise you to double check your email to see if anything was requested from you and if you cannot find such email, please contact our support team directly so they can take a closer look at the payment in question.