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Please help me when i enter/connect my routing and bank account number with paypal.
Show me error.
Paypal says Contact your bank for link your bank account with us.
i want to receive money my paypal to payoneer account. Please help me now i submitted document to for receive us payment.



  • sweethuntsweethunt Member Posts: 9 ✭✭

    I have a Payoneer Card and i wanna send me to my Paypal account to purchase some items on ebay, is it possible and how to do so? Thank you.
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    I have a Payoneer Card and i wanna send me to my Paypal account to purchase some items on ebay, is it possible and how to do so? Thank you.


    This is something you'd need to contact PayPal about if you want to be sure, however I do believe that they allow you to add a debit MasterCard to your PayPal account to make purchases. If so, you should be able to add your Payoneer card to the PayPal account, as it's a debit MasterCard, and use it as a payment method when paying via PayPal (just make sure the card is active and preloaded with funds before you add it).

    If you're looking to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to Payoneer, our US Payment Service allows you to receive payments via US ACH transfers from anyone on our white list of pre-approved companies (PayPal included). You can read more about that here:

    Thanks :)

  • EslamNagyEslamNagy Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    paypal dont accept payoneer any more for other countries, u must have usa paypal account to accept us bank by payoneer.
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  • mfaisalwahabmfaisalwahab Member Posts: 2
    Hi thanks,

    But when my us payment service account paypal show me error..i have USA paypal account..
  • brojoshdbrojoshd Member Posts: 0
    Payoneer is a great service , I always receive payments quickly through my Payoneer Bank Of America Account and with no problems bad would happen. Payonner then changed my bank and sent another card to me and then blocked my former bank of america account details. I then removed it from paypal and linked my new First Century Bank account.

    ......."On Aug 17, 2015, we attempted to transfer from your bank account ending in x-xx95. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.
    As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.
    To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.".....

    After the removal of the new account, I always recieved an error page from paypal saying "try again later. I then tried the bank of America Account that I removed but I normally recieved the same message.
    I then called a paypal support agent but He said I should contact my bank.

    Please, I want you to change my bank account number maybe this issue will be solved!

    Thank You
    Julius John
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    Your financial security is our top priority. We don't expose your financial information when you pay. And we will notify you by email whenever you use this bank account with PayPal.
    Paypal Removed My US Payment Service Account from Paypal Account And Now Everytime I Try To Link It Does not Allow Me to.

    Please Help
  • andriyadi99andriyadi99 Member Posts: 2
    i had the same
    > @andriyadi99 said:
    > i had the same

    Did You Fix It
  • andriyadi99andriyadi99 Member Posts: 2
    not yet, are you have told payoneer customer service?
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    > @andriyadi99 said:
    > not yet, are you have told payoneer customer service?

    I asked them and now im waiting for them respond
  • NafeesKhabirNafeesKhabir Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    PayPal Updated their policy so you can not attach Payoneer details there as they are not accepting
    > @NafeesKhabir said:
    > PayPal Updated their policy so you can not attach Payoneer details there as they are not accepting

    oh ok thanks
  • leonardogsouzaleonardogsouza Member Posts: 1
    I saw some old threads here, around 2013, when people called Paypal and were able to manually add the info. So, is that now working anymore?
  • ahmad75415ahmad75415 Member Posts: 0
    Hi, I tried to add my bank to Paypal, they sent two short amounts to my account Bank and asked to retrieve them but they were declined by an automatic response by Payoneer. As a result they have blocked my bank and when I try to add again, they say that "you cannot add a bank this time, please try again later. Please help me what I can do.
  • Rafia92Rafia92 Member Posts: 3
    same problem here. I think Paypal has blocked adding Payoneer account. Now they are familiar with that trick. You know what i mean.
  • shameemshameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    Paypal Won't accept Payoneer provided Debit Mastercard from last year. Please don't try to use it again.


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  • FanFocusATgmailCOMFanFocusATgmailCOM Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Sorry to hear about this guys...
    My friend just alerted me about this although it has been slightly over a year.
    I'm helping out him out with this. If you need any help, you can PM me or email me (username).
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  • kuhashmikuhashmi Member Posts: 4
    I am having a very serious problem with Paypal. It is not accepting my formation. First time it has accepted and i receive a small amount to confirm my bank account. When i enter the amount it accepted but after few days i receive message that they are unable to retrieve the small amount from my bank so my bank information have been removed. Since that i am trying to confirm my bank account and it is not accepting it. After contacting the Paypal support yesterday i receive this message

    "When we sent the 2 small deposit to your bank FIRST CENTURY BANK account ending in 2666, your bank notified us that this bank is a " Non-Transaction Account for ACH Transaction ". Please contact your bank for further assistance."

    Know is there a way to solve this issue.
    Any one can help me plzzzzz. >:)
  • Rona579Rona579 Member Posts: 1
    I am facing the same issue. Community Manager please have a loot at this issue.
  • pintwosarkarpintwosarkar Member Posts: 1
    Hello Mr Nissim i am pintwo sarkar my card not yet arrive what happen help me.
  • conzeitconzeit Member Posts: 1
    so do I. Paypal quoted the patriot act as a rason to not accept Payoneer as a company.
  • conzeitconzeit Member Posts: 1
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    I had the unfortunate accident of loading paypal with a job payment before realizing they dont back payoneer US payment service accounts anymore.
    Has anybody had any success widhtrawing from paypal even if trough another company? I thought maybe amazon would help but they have no way to load from paypal
  • zogger13zogger13 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone resolved this issue? I tried adding the bank account info in PayPal , and it says "Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.

    Please help! I really need this feature to use Payoneer.
  • Dr SanfourDr Sanfour Member Posts: 10
    I have my paypal linked with my payoneer debit card just by simple call ! Don't use classic ways!
    Check this topic and go to the linking PayPal part:

    Good luck everyone :)
  • shahebshaheb Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Has anyone resolved this issue? I tried adding the bank account info in PayPal , and it says "Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.
    but i can add payoner card . but can not add bank link any one help me
  • AuctionEssistanceAuctionEssistance Member Posts: 2
    PayPal doesn't allow payoneer anymore sadly. Several of the clients we have are in countries where Payoneer is their only option to get funds out.

    It is pretty difficult to find another alternative from what we tried.
  • Sherri789Sherri789 Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
    I contacted PayPal yesterday. So, here's what exactly happened with me last night, few days ago I added my US Bank account details given by Payoneer, and last night I received funds that I had to enter in order to complete my bank verification. Anyway, I successfully completed the verification and it was all set, until I logged back into my account after about an hour and the bank account didn't appear and my PayPal profile was only 90% complete, I contacted PayPal before adding it back again and they asked me just my routing number, which I gave them and here's what they said in reply:
    "Ah, that would be why you're having problems with it. That routing number is assigned to Payoneer bank accounts, which aren't compatible since they're virtual bank accounts. The system automatically removes them if they happen to get onto an account; they're supposed to be blocked. You can definitely add a different bank account, but it would have to be a physical, brick and mortar, physically located on US soil, traditional, bank account. Virtual bank accounts won't work with our system."

    So I guess we have no choice but to quit on PayPal now and search for the alternatives.
  • Carolee21Carolee21 Member Posts: 1
    The same happened to me and when I called I was told that Paypal is not accepting Payoneer bank details.
  • gatungatun Member Posts: 4
    Same problem here. I got a new card for march 2016 because last one expired. It forced me to change bank account. I need to know if I can still use the old bank account.
  • Coder_DzCoder_Dz Member Posts: 99 ✭✭
    On the Blog an Admin said you can use the old account, but in my case the support staff on the live chat neither confirmed nor rejected the idea, rather tried to help me by supplying a new account, which didn't get accepted by Paypal either.

    I stated in another post that if you want that to work, then you have to lose your honesty by choosing the US as you country and login using a US VPN/Proxy, then add your bank details and everything will be fine! I honestly gave up on PayScam and moved on, I just wish to see others moving on as well.
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