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PayPal is not accepting Payoneer 27-August-2015

Honey Member Posts: 5
Dear {Name}

Hi! This is {Name}, a PayPal Product and Site Support specialist.

Thank you for contacting us about your bank that was removed from the account. The bank was removed from the profile as we have received a notification from the bank that it is not a non-transaction bank. The bank is also considered as a Virtual bank (Payoneer) to where it is not accepted to PayPal.

We do not allow the use of Virtual Bank Accounts as they do not meet the “Know Your Customer” and customer protection guidelines outlined in various laws and regulations. Please use a traditional bank that was issued on a US soil so that it can be accepted to PayPal and it can be used to send and receive payments.

If there’s any other question you may have, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you. Call us at 1-888-221-1161 during these hours:

• 4:00 am PT to 10:00 pm PT, Monday-Friday
• 6:00 am PT to 8:00 pm PT, Saturday-Sunday

We value your business. Thank you for being a part of the PayPal Community and for choosing PayPal for your online payment needs.

Consumer Support


  • ReYoN
    ReYoN Member Posts: 8
    Ya paypal is already stopped support payoneer US bank accounts before starting of 2015.
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  • Fab-Fetale
    Fab-Fetale Member Posts: 1
    I tried to add my Payoneer card and account to my Paypal account and it didn't work. This is the message that i received;

    Dear .........................,

    Good day. I am ....... from PayPal Customer Support. I hope my email reaches you well.

    I apologize if your are having problem linking your Payoneer bank account and your MasterCard to your PayPal account. I tried calling you at +.......... as I feel we can best address your concern over the phone but my call did not go through. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to help you via email.

    .................., I checked your account with the email address [email protected] and I can assure your account is working perfectly fine. With this, I strongly recommend that you add a regular US savings or checking account.

    With regard to adding your card, I strongly recommend that you contact your card issuer. I am showing here that you are trying to link your MasterCard ending **54. Our record shows that we tried to add your card however, your card issuer denied our request. This is because they cannot verify your card information.

    Going back to adding a Payoneer account, I am sorry to let you know that PayPal no longer accepts Payoneer accounts to be added on any PayPal account.

    This is because the Payoneer account is not a bank account and therefore you would not be able to add it to your PayPal account. (Section 14. (Disclaimers), “The US Payment Service is not a bank account in the United States and funds received on your behalf are not FDIC-insured.”) as per the Payoneer US Payment Service Terms and Conditions.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    I'll be glad to hear from you if you need more assistance on your account. Please do not hesitate to get back to us. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

    Call 1-402-935-2080.

    4:00 AM PT to 10:00 PM PT, Monday through Friday.

    6:00 AM PT to 8:00 PM PT, Saturday and Sunday



  • shameem
    shameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    Paypal stopped to support Payoneer from last Year October.

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  • net2nadeem
    net2nadeem Member Posts: 6
    Wel My paypal is still active and i have added my VBA. Still getting payment to bank account.
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  • ferruma
    ferruma Member Posts: 1
    Hey net2nadeem how did you added VBA on paypal what VBA did u use. Did you used payoneer VBA or other source>? can you tell me please.. it would be really helpful to me and other ppl who r struggling to get verified PP account :) thank you
  • nuzzo
    nuzzo Member Posts: 1
    It stopped working for me. I have contacted Auction Essistance and they said some of their clients have had issues using Payoneer with PayPal.