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I am Lochana from Sri Lanka. First of all, I'd thank Payoneer for making this unvalueable service for me. So far, everything is going just fine. I have small problem with one of my online-payment that I did today. Hope you will help me soon:).

I was trying to make a payment for my internet service provider( ) by using payoneer pre-paid Mastercard. But unfortunately, In every attempt, I got this message-- "payment fail by the bank". And the bank they associate with is HNB ( )

I want to know, Is this a problem with my mastercard(payoneer) or something wrong with my internet service provider. Please help me with this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


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    Hi @lochama, I would suggest you first try to contact the bank to see why the transaction failed. You can also contact Payoneer support and they can check if everything is OK on your Payoneer card.
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