For 2 days I have been working with my partner to open aPayoneer account but we only get to part 4

mm36_459Amm36_459A Member Posts: 4
As my partner has the same address as I & the same phone number would this be why we can't get an account for him. It only gets as far as the final section 4 & then after pressing button nothing happens. No message, no clue why. Can someone make sense of this or can we apply for another card for him on my account or change the account to both names. We have been trying now for 2 days with no success. He gets emails from Payoneer saying his application is incomplete. Well of course we know that but what can we do?

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  • SivanSivan Administrator Posts: 642 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing difficulties with your sign up. I suggest your contact our support team and they will be able to assist you:
  • mm36_459Amm36_459A Member Posts: 4
    I will contact on Monday your time, as we are in Australia
  • mm36_459Amm36_459A Member Posts: 4
    Many thanks. After receiving your response I tried once more to complete my partner's application & hey presto! it worked so he's now a member.
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    Glad to hear it all worked well :)
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