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my card is bloked

I have a problem in my account in to him when I get a message that "Syndicate your card has been blocked"
At first I will explain to you the problem .. request first card and lost it immediately upon arrival to the post .. As a result, I request another card another account ..
After he reached the second energy you activate it and participated in many locations even received them and Mali have already received a certain amount of money ..
Before he received my card was blocked and sent a letter of support and I explained to them that I have two accounts and requested the annulment of the first account and card knowing that he did not know that the laws prevent access to two cards ..
Indeed, the problem has been resolved were charging money account ..
The problem is when you want to withdraw money from an ATM the request is denied .. and when I entered my account to the message that my card was blocked appeared to some extent I do not know why now,and they say that my problem is under review from security department this is a long time
Thank you