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Funding Source ID Problem.. Need immediate Help...

I have payments on fiverr but I can't withdraw the payment due to lack of information..

Fiverr asking for "Funding Source ID associated to your Fiverr Revenue Card"..

Few days ago I chat on the payoneer support, he told me he can't help regarding this issue..

However, fiverr support telling me, they can't help without the "Funding Source ID"..

Please give a solution about the "Funding Source ID" regarding the fiverr accounts...

Please help me to get the Funding Source ID..

New Support ticket Reference Number: 150911-000901..

Still not confident to get a solution from payoneer, so writing here for a quick solution regarding this issue..

I don't want to loose my payments between payoneer and fiverr internal issue, as no one taking responsibilities..

Note: My Account was blocked for 2 months, now all the Funding Source ID's regarding this account was gone or vanished...



  • shameem
    shameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    This is something handle by Payment control Department, and you can reach them by email: [email protected]

    better way to unblock your account is, call to their Phone line and explain everything, then will ask few documents to submit. WHile you will submit, you will get back access in your account.

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