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Bank Transfer vs. Master Card

tishma Member Posts: 1

Today I've received my first payment via Payoneer. It did not go smooth because I've had my Payoneer MasterCard, but my paying partner suggested that there is also Bank Transfer option.

Setting up the Bank Transfer option went slower than acceptable (taking some back&forth communication with support), so I wanted to get paid to Card while Bank Transfer is being set up.

Support agent, however, told me it was not possible to have 2 payment methods configured for a single partner (and even changed tone, suggesting that it was not a polite thing to ask). When I asked why not - the response was: "It's not secure". Clearly, this can not be the real reason, so I'm asking it here loud and clear:
Could we please have an option to switch preferred option between Payoneer MasterCard (when we need a quick payout) and Bank Transfer (which is cheaper - when a few business days do not make a difference)?