Need to update US payment service when my new card has arrived?

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I recently received and activated my new payoneer card since my last was expired. This new card has a new number. I wonder if the associated numbers of US Payment Service are different too, and therefore is need to be added to my Paypal account like a new one. On a first attempt I tried to add the US Payment Service but received the classic error "You cannot add an account right now". How is it possible since the old card was working with no problem with PayPal?


  • shameem
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    From last November, Paypal don't accept Payoneer card anymore, but I am sure Payoneer support team know the way to add this in Paypal as both companies have contract.

    BTW you don't need to update USA payment service, because you just got new Card which is already linked with your account, this is what you can do only, rest of things will do by Payoneer team.

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  • diegomor
    diegomor Member Posts: 3
    Solved. Don't need to update US Payment Service.