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ATM asked Account Type - Is it matter?

Refresh Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

Few days ago, I withdrew money in my local ATM. When the ATM asked the account type, there were 3 options: Checking, Saving, and Credit. So I choose Saving option. Well the transaction succeed. But when I read the FAQs again, it said that I have to choose Checking or Current. Also, some of my friends suggest me to choose Credit.

My question is, "Is it a matter what account type to choose?" Or "Will it cause a problem if we choose the wrong account type?"

Please explain it to me.



  • arockia013
    arockia013 Member Posts: 5
    It's doesn't matter.. if u have savings account, then choose savings,.. if you have current account, then you choose current..that's it...There is no problem.
  • shameem
    shameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    As much I know Payoneer provide Current account Only. So first you can try choosing Current type, if not work, then simply chose savings. :)

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