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After 30 days the rejected payment on my Payoneer card is not refunded to my client's bank account

Hello dear,

I got into trouble with my freelancing job because of this refunding issue.

One of my client from UK loaded money using loading service of payoneer and my account is allowed for this.

The payment was on hold because of security reason and payoneer asked for verification docs. As my client is afraid of disclosing her personal information online, we contacted payoneer team and make the payment rejected in mutual understanding. As a result, the payment was rejected on september 09, 2015.

The money on hold and rejected should be refunded to my client's account within 7 working days.

But, it is not and i contacted twice the customer support team regarding this. Different customer managers provide different information on this. But, it is not refunded yet.

Please have a look to solve it and to help me keep the trust of my permanent client.

Transaction details:

Loader: Susie Doenhoff
PAYMENT ID: 18438382
Payment sent date: 08/28/2015

Waiting to hear back soon.



  • shameem
    shameem Member Posts: 129 ✭✭
    Instead of posting here, you should contact with Payoneer. As its community, you wont get support from here instead suggestion.

    BTW better option to get instant support from Payoneer is either live chat or Call them directly.

    Shameem Reza

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