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It's Been More Than 10 Days, Still My Account Isn't Being Restored!

cwxnetwork Member Posts: 1

So I signed up for payoneer In September to receive my sales payment from wish merchant, After few days when I was trying to login my password wasn't working and I literally think my password was correct then after it when I tried to reset my password, I forgot my security answers, So after trying much I finally contacted customer support they were just saying the same things again after 3 days I got reply asking me to provide documents, Provided all after it they stopped replying IDK, Why you all are doing this to me , Literally I am much depressed and harassed by the kind of worse behaviour that you all are doing, Then after it I started emailing and live chat, But they all are just pathetic and literally don't understand the importance of someone's hard work, They stopped replying to my emails, After it I called them then they said to send more clear pic and document , I did it, Now it's been 10 days again after emailing many times again and again try are saying from 2 days we apologize and all same things and they always say my account is still under review, I told them even that I am going to receive my payments from 1st of october please restore my account back as I did already provided them everything that they asked for and they assured me if my account is in review status still if I am unable to online login still I will get my payments and after 24 hours it'll be automatically transferred to my bank account, Today my merchant emailed me that payment to your payoneer account has been failed as your account hasn't been approved yet, IDK, Why the hell they aren't restoring my account back I need my payments asap, Still I am fed up of typing and wasting money on call , and emailing you all, I need my account back now It's literally enough now, It's literally going out of my mind now. I request you all last time to give me my account back.

[Reference Number: 151002-000534]‏