My Application Is Under review since 40 days...!!!

usmanhaider Member Posts: 5
edited December 2015 in Payoneer Mobile App
I am very worried and disappoint from payoneer services..i am working on free lancer site fiverr..i want to withdraw my fiverr earning through payoneer card..i applied payoneer card through fiverr on 1st sep 2015 and upload my all documents. but till now my application is still under review.its too late 37 days are gone and no response from payoneer, i contact 3 times from live chat all time operators says your application still under review you received mail in next few business days..and i contact two times from messages but till now i received no response of my msg then today i try to contact payoneer customer support through community..kindly help me approve my application and send my card then i withdraw my fiverr earnings. My account reference is: 14107523