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Question about card fee

erebar Member Posts: 6
Hello, I'm worried because I haven't been using my card for months now, and payonneer hasn't charged me the annual fee yet. I think its been more than one year.

What happened was that I had a problem with my card and had to cancel that card and get a new one, from that time they didn't charge me and I assumed they did on the card renewal fee I payed. But I'm not sure anymore, I don't want to get an email saying that I own hundreds of dollars later. How can I see when is the next card payment date and the amount?


  • sorgius
    sorgius Member Posts: 1
    My card was inactive and still is for some time(2 years or more)My question is-if upload money will i charged with amount for those 2 years or just once when i do the upload?
  • erebar
    erebar Member Posts: 6
    yes that worries me too. I just want to know if the card fees will get charged regardless if you use or not the card. Right now it seem that it wont.
  • erebar
    erebar Member Posts: 6
    For anyone wondering the same: I asked by email to support and they told me there were no interests and that they will only charge me the fee when my card has money again.
  • paulwilliams
    paulwilliams Member Posts: 26 ✭✭

    I now have my Payoneer card. Question - I will be charged AT LEAST $3USD everytime I use the card?

    I buy a $2 milk from the convenient store , and Payoneer will take $3+ which makes the milk cost $5+

    I am concerned...