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Missing information, please contact Customer Support

Hi everyone!

So, recently I started to work for one US company and decided to use Payoneer service to receive money from them. The previous month was the first month for which I've been paid. So, I requested a payment from my boss. Then I was proposed to complete some questionnaire and to provide a photo ID. I did both of that.. the only thing is that I mentioned my own profile's link on Upwork as website. Maybe it was a mistake to do so, because I don't use Upwork in my current business and provided it just to show what skills I have. I didn't mention any company's links. I just mentioned in description, that I'm a software developer and listed some of the technologies I use. My boss sent me some amount of money, but the payment has 'Missing information, please contact Customer Support' status. It lasts almost 3 days for now. Number of payment is 20116318. Not sure what to do with that, I didn't get any notifications on how fast I could receive my money. If something is not right with the information I sent you, let me know. But that payment is really important for me and I can't wait for weeks on it. Will appreciate any assisting. Thanks!


  • djtoufiqhouari
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    @djtoufiqhouari :)
    > Hello Guys! I'm working with a company as a VA. They hired me from upwork but now I'm working with independently and they want to send my payments through Payoneer. But whenever they try to send payments. An error occurs everytime that " The Email is invalid". And the transfer failed. Now, I'm unable to get my payments. Can someone please tell me how can I get payments directly in my payoneer account from another payoneer account? Thanks in advance.
    I'd really like to recommend Payoneer to you. It's a great way for professionals and small businesses to get paid by companies abroad. Sign up now and we both get $25 FREE once you receive $100 in payments! :)
  • fadhlisaad
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    My problem is exactly the same like @toothywalrus Furthermore, my employee already respond with their documents. Payment ID:20208202