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Want Standard Load, Not Immediate Load!

I just had a payment transferred from UpWork. This is the second time this has happened...they loaded it automatically with Immediate Load, taking out the $2.50 fee. They didn't ask me whether I wanted Immediate or Standard Load! I did not want Immediate Load, as this was a small amount! I wanted only Standard Load! And the extra fee made the difference in whether I had the amount in my account necessary to withdraw from the ATM here in Thailand (Thailand ATMs also charge a huge extra 180B fee) now I can't buy my hygiene items or do my laundry as planned next week! I don't need the money immediately, two business days is fine - but the amount is important.

Is there any way to change this back to Standard Load? And then get the $2.50 fee refunded? The first time I loaded a payment, they asked me if I wanted Standard or Immediate Load. I chose Standard Load, and it worked just fine. The second time, they asked me the question again, and I chose Immediate Load, as it was a larger amount. But the third time, it was again a smaller amount, so I wanted Standard Load. But they just did it with Immediate Load and didn't ask me which way I wanted. And again this time.

I tried to put this on Payoneer help, but it didn't exactly fit within any of the list of topics...they just kept giving me smaller and smaller categories and would never let me submit the request. I can't use the chat forum either, because it only functions within U.S. business hours, and I'm here in Thailand (in a time zone 12 hours apart). I gave this to UpWork help also, but they said they couldn't do Payoneer help.

I want it changed to Standard Load!


  • rook13
    rook13 Member Posts: 1 reply for years! i was looking for answers too.. they should have options!
  • EdwinPayoneer
    EdwinPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 366 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there! Loading speed is a feature that can be changed right on your Payoneer account. Please note, the option to change it is only available if your funding source offers both standard and immediate loading as an option. We do have some partners which only offer one selection for loading speeds.

    To learn more about selecting your payment loading speed click here.