e-commerce without paypal

Viktor100Viktor100 Member Posts: 1
I work as a freelance graphic designer and I have a Payoneer account and a card. So far, I have received payments from freelancing websites.

Could you please let me know of a platform for selling digital goods where I can receive payments for my direct sales, something like gumroad.com and sellfy.com? I can't use these websites because they only pay via PayPal, and PayPal in my country (Macedonia) has limitations for users (I can only send funds, but I cannot receive).

So, I am looking for a platform, similar to sellfy.com where I can sell digital goods and receive payments to my Payoneer account. Could you please advise?

Thank you!


  • CoWorksCoWorks Member Posts: 2
    I have the exact same question. I want to find a platform similar to Sellfy.com where i can sell digital goods and receive payments to my payoneer account. Can someone from the Payoneer helpdesk or from the community please help us.
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