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Somebody help me please...

StudiOAT Member Posts: 1
Hello, My name is Pramote and my account is [email protected]. First of all I'd like to confess that I had delete all of the approved email from payoneer from my inbox because back then I didn't realize its important, This is my own stupidity and very sorry for that. But right now I just recieve monthly payment transfer from amazon and I have no idea what is my Prepaid Card Number because in the dropdown listbox on my account page just shown something likes "XXXX-3486" so I stuck here. Is there a way to show full card number or maybe would you please resend it to my email?

Another question sir. How do I know whether or not the Activate Card was already shipped out and on the way to my home because when I click on the "View your status and activate your card" there's nothing happen and I tried with all my browser (IE,FF,Chrome) so I'm sure that the error may occur on your server.

Thank you in advance