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I am trying to register Payoneer with a company but my name could be a problem. Help!

tzbrite Member Posts: 1

I received my Payoneer card a long time ago, last year to be exact, but only now, I think I may need it.

I am looking to receive payments from a US based company which is not listed in your dropdown list. But, this company does offer Payoneer payment option, so I am curious why it is not listed on your list.

Anyway, on their site, there is a link to connect my Payoneer account with them so that I can start receiving payments.

But when I click that link, I see exactly these screens as per your blog page....(sorry I cannot post the link but it shows the screenshots). I understand about the spamming problem, btw.....

And then when I confirm I already have a Payoneer account and sign in, I am asked to input my bank details. Here is where I have the problem.

You see, my name has an alias. Actually, I don't use and have NEVER used my alias all my life, but my silly parents gave me an alias when I was born, so I cannot do anything about that. I am from Malaysia, and some Chinese Malaysians do give their children alias names and it sticks on their birth certs and very difficult/impossible to remove later on. Stupidity at its finest, but what can you do? These are the old generation people type of thinking.

Anyway, the form on Payoneer says I must input my name EXACTLY as per my bank account name. But if I were to include my alias name inside, the name is TOO LONG for your form and your system REJECTS it.

So my question is, can I just input my name WITHOUT the alias? Will this give me problems later when I withdraw my money?

I need a clear answer on this.

I have been receiving wire transfers to my bank account WITHOUT the alias and the bank (HSBC) has accepted it so far all along. I am not sure about other banks, but HSBC is one of the strictest banks that I know of.

Another question is - If you confirm that I can input my name without the alias and receive payment without issue inside my Payoneer card, I want to know WHERE can I use my Payoneer card, because I am a bit afraid that my Payoneer card may not be accepted in the ATMs in Malaysia. So I just want to confirm all these things before I register/connect my Payoneer card with this company (as payment method).

PS: My Payoneer card was approved without my alias name as well. It just shows my full name but no alias. I remember I had problems with this alias name issue when signing up for Payoneer. ALL my credit cards does not carry my alias name. I think you should address or FIX this issue about alias names.