I Need to cancel my account and create a new one with full services

onecliconeclic Member Posts: 3
I have an active account done with odesk in 2009 it is linked to many other affiliates.
In my account I have NO send to another payoneer account holder option, NO withdraw to bank account option, NO EU Payment service option. The problem is that odesk don't allow these options, also my others active affiliates.
Please I want to cancel completely my account attached with odesk rules and make a new one directly with payoneer to get a full option account. Please help me with instructions to do this, also how can I transfer all my balance to the new one.


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    Serious issue  :o
    Best Regards,
    Abdul Halim Jr.
  • onecliconeclic Member Posts: 3
    Please is there anyone from Payoneer can help me. thanks in advance.
  • SivanSivan Administrator Posts: 637 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2015
    Hi @oneclic, I suggest you contact our support team for help. They will be able to assist with the relevant options to solve  your issues. 
  • onecliconeclic Member Posts: 3
    Problem resolved after contacting payoneer customer support. For people have the same issue and search for a solution, There is No possibility to cancel and reopen a new account for the same person so the solution is by requesting to change your account partner program odesk (upwork) to another payoneer partner allow these options, you must have already worked with and deposited money from it to your payoneer account. The changes was successfully done today by chat and a new card was sent.
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