I'd love Payoneer to work with Teachable

Teachable.com is one of the best established online education platforms in the world.

They connect experts in a huge number of industries that educate hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

I contacted them a few days ago about supporting payments other than PayPal and I mentioned the US Payment Service option and they replied that it is not possible.

Not sure, MAYBE I did not explain very well, as it clearly states that the US Payment Service can receive money from ANY company in the US.

As a platform, it is beautifully made, full of features and brand establish around the world, but welcome to Macedonia, where PayPal is not allowing payment.

We can shop, by the way. We can use PayPal for that, our money is good enough to ship out, just not good enough to come in. But that is a different topic.

Thank you guys.


  • SivanSivan Posts: 642Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @AlexOnlineCourses , thank you for suggesting this company to us. Can you provide us with any contact person in this company? 
  • AlexOnlineCoursesAlexOnlineCourses Posts: 2Member

    I don't know anyone in person from Teachable, I just exchanged a few e-mails with customer support, that is all. Their founder, Ankur Nagpal organized a few webinars promoting online courses and their platform together with freelancers and business people.

    That is how I learned about them.

    Thank you
  • eveeve Posts: 1Member
    This is actually shocking the request is from 2015 and nothing had changed.
    There are major course creating platforms Teachable, Thinkific, and many others and none of them work with Payoneer. And Payoneer writes blogs about course creation and offering platforms like Amazone to sell them. It's shocking!
    Guys you need to make it available for such platforms. They are just like istock or shutterstock for course creators and coaches.
    And no I don't know who You have to contact there but it's your job to find it, they have contact us page on their sites!
    Come on!
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