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I am being asked to provide the bank´s address

letamn Member Posts: 8
Hello. I am trying to receive a wire from a US university and they are asking for the bank´s address, I have sent my question before but I haven´t received any answer after almost 20 days so I am posting here in hope someone could help me with this.
Thanks in advanced!


  • letamn
    letamn Member Posts: 8
    Thank you SO much for you answer, no one was answering before. This is a US University and their finance dept is not very "advanced". They sent a check months ago which never arrived so we thought wire transfer could be better. I will check if I can find any other way. If I may suggest, it could be good to have that information (that US Payments is not compatible with wire transfers) on the website, would have saved me and others a lot of time.
    Thanks a lot!!