How to keep US Payment service working with paypal?

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Hi Guys,

Now a few word of suggestion for payoneer at end there is something for users,

What happened with me was even after paypal stopped adding US payment service, my bank account stayed active. However one day I made my paypal balance zero and an online payment company charged me 30$ which paypal tried to get from my bank. That was it bank account lost.

Then I tried adding my bank account again,

However this happened.

Paypal sent me 2 deposits.

I confirmed 2 deposits in Paypal. Bank linked.

Paypal wants to get 2 small deposits back. Bank rejects.

Paypal unlinks the account.

So Please Payoneer, I request you to allow 2 small deposits by paypal, or kindly work it out with paypal to allow your US Payment service.

I am sure they can make special arrangements, If you guys contact paypal, and Show the volume of users you have and what paypal is missing.

We all new customers of Payoneer after 2014 will be very very thankful to you for this

Those of you who still have US Payment service working with paypal are in good shape and please protect it.

You have to go in money section and make a debit card or credit card your default payment method and uncheck bank account box. (you can find this in settings somewhere)

This way paypal will never try to chrage your payoneer account.

What happened with me I had working US payment service even after paypal stopped accepting it. However one day I had 0 Balance and paypal tried to charge my bank account for a subscription that I set up.

So Please Please guys be careful and do the steps I have told you.




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    Payoneer automatically rejects incoming ACH payments referenced as:



    The "BANK OF AMERICA ACCT VERIFY 88871071" is actually a verification deposit that Bank of America always performs in order to validate a new account added to an outgoing ACH payment for the first time.

    Here is the exact response my employer received from Bank of America (during the process of adding the Payoneer US Payment account details to perform an outgoing ACH payment):


    Clicking the Add Account button will cause a single direct payment of $0.01 (a "penny deposit") to be made to the individual's account for the purposes of verifying the existence of that account.


    Furthermore, since Payoneer is rejecting this verification deposit, Bank of America is allowing the first payment to be completed (I actually received it in my Payoneer account), but then blocking further payments and forcing my employer to manually add the account again, which will probably cause the same problem over and over.

    Since this is probably affecting all Payoneer cardholders receiving payments from US companies working with Bank of America, and considering Payoneer itself also works with the same bank, couldn't you please identify the issue and white-list that particular reference id for the automatic validation of incoming payments? ("BANK OF AMERICA ACCT VERIFY 88871071")

    I can confirm it is always the exact same reference, including the number after "VERIFY", so it wouldn't be difficult to define it as an additional field in your list of allowed senders, and it wouldn't imply allowing Bank of America itself as a financial institution either (which I understand would go againts your ToS), because the reference is clearly identified as a *verification* deposit.

    Thank you.


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    What a great explanation about what's going on. My employer had almost gone mad because of this...The same situation happened, Payoneer rejected the 1 cent deposit, payment went through, and the next payment didn't work. Very frustrating...
    Yesterday I received a 1 cent deposit, but this time it was approved by Payoneer, so perhaps they fixed this.. I didn't receive the full payment though, so I'll have to wait I guess, hope it gets through.
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    Hmm, still a confirmation from Payoneer people would be nice, to give us their official statement about this situation. Anyone, Payoneer?
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    Hi Nissim
    I'm from Bangladesh. I've a problem I can't verify my payoneer card in my SKRILL ac. & SKRILL shows me Failed verification.
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    Hi Guys,

    I hear that you allow verification charges for bank accounts,

    Why not for paypal ?

    I added payoneer in my paypal and pleaded that please let Paypal retrive their small deposits , i.e charge US payment service.

    I was replied that US Payment service doesn't allow that,

    Please tell me how you are allowing bank to charge US payment service ?
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