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When my money will be refunded to my account?

Hi All,

Today I tried to withdraw X USD by POS terminal in one of our local banks. The first transaction was successful, I checked my account my mobile app and see that (X + 0.02% * X) USD was withdrawn from my account. Then the bank worker said that they forgot to add local bank fee(0.5%) to the amount that they withdrawn. And they decided to reject last transaction and then tried again to withdraw 1.005 * X amount of money(with 0.05% local bank fee) but at that moment rejected amount of money were not refunded to my account yet. And finally they apologize for such situation(of course I will try to not use that bank once again after resolving this issue) and guarantee me that all money will be withdrawn to my account. Also I have both receipts(for withdraw and for refund). So my questions are:

1. Will all amount of money with payoneer fees (X + 0.02% * X) be refunded to my account? Or only X USD without Payoneer fees, so at the next time when I will withdraw money I will be charged once again by Payoneer?
2. When my account will be refunded? Today is Saturday, I hope money will be refunded till Tuesday.

And one more question, I have asked also Payoneer support about this situation and then I get reference number by Email to follow up my question. How I should use that reference number? I didn't find any place on Payoneer site where I can search my question by that number.