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unable to dispense

just earlier today 1st of December 2015 i've tried to withdraw my money at our local ATM but unfortunately it didn't came out i got a receipt from the banks atm saying that it's unable to dispense and when i tried it again it said insufficient funds.

so i've rush home to call the bank and they told me that i need to call payoneer cause they're the one who can resolve this problem and when i email them i got this email

" Thank you for contacting us.

This is an automatic reply. If this message does not resolve your issue, please reply with further details and we will be happy to assist you.

The fastest way of resolving ATM transaction issues is by contacting the bank or the ATM operator. Please contact them as a first step. If the bank or the ATM owner advises you to contact Payoneer, please complete the Cardholder Statement of Dispute (Click here to view and print the dispute form).

Please read the dispute instructions carefully and reply to this email with a scan of all supporting documents or fax them to 1-347-438-3365.


Payoneer Customer Support"

but the problem there the transaction number which my cash is unable to dispense haven't yet appeared on my transaction list but the other transaction which my card was decline had appeared , so i'm not really sure what to put on the dispute form.

anyone else had the same problem ? if anyone do please do reply on my thread if payoneer already resolve your dispute.


  • jhingsotoii
    jhingsotoii Member Posts: 5
    okay i seen it already it's on pending authorization and it doesn't have a transaction number