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To whom I need to get in touch when i feel the issue is not sorted by Customer Support

Since Nov 27, I have been having an issue getting UK payment service support team to get 2 of my payments loaded to the card.

I feel like it has already taken enough time and with no success. To whom can i forward this issue? I'm really getting frustrated.



  • Luppakorva
    Luppakorva Member Posts: 3
    I'd like to know as well. I had a damaged card. Contacted and sent the info as requested (took 10 days). Asked it to be shipped via DHL as I need it urgently and it was shipped via regular mail, contacted them immediately and now 3 days and no answers at all.

    Is there someone to contact to, team leader etc?
  • Coder_Dz
    Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
    Try Live Chat, or phone call them:

    Within the United States* (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
    1-800-251-2521 x2
    Outside the United States* (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
    1-646-658-3695 x2
    Sales Inquiries:
    Within the United States*
    Outside the United States*

  • Luppakorva
    Luppakorva Member Posts: 3
    Live chat is not working and they don't answer to phone calls. So no luck there. Actually I wrote thread about this few days ago on this support forum and they have just deleted it. I really wonder what's going on. Guess I have to go to reddit or such to actually get some answers. It's a shame really, I have been with payoneer soon 10 years and before this happened I never have had a single problem.
  • Coder_Dz
    Coder_Dz Member Posts: 98 ✭✭
    I'm sorry, you had this bad experience. Try to PM @Nissim , he'll be of much better and quicker help I believe.
  • Luppakorva
    Luppakorva Member Posts: 3
    Not your fault @Coder_Dz :) Thank you for the tip. I'll do that straight away!