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EU Paypal Verification Code Using Bank Account

Amanur Rahman
Amanur Rahman Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
I have tried to add the EU payment service bank account to my German PayPal and couldn't verify my bank account cause in Europe the verification process is different than US. In EU PayPal send a small amount to the bank account with a verification code in the transaction details. But in payoneer account we don't see the code there. Then how can we verify the bank account in EU ?

This works same way in UK PayPal also. But I think there is a way for sure to see the code with which Payoneer is not taking step. I verified my UK PayPal with my payoneer card. They send the code in the transaction details. At this time I can see the code in Pending Transaction format of my card . Thus we see the paypal code.

Now My question is that if the code can be seen in Card Pending transaction then why we don't see it when we are verifying bank account ?

I think this way when we are verifying the bank account then that transaction can be also in pending state so that we can see the code there.

Is that possible to make it pending ?

Please help me asap. As without Bank verification we have so many limits in PayPal.



  • deviz
    deviz Member Posts: 1
    This is exactly what I have been trying to figure out as well. @Amanur Rahman have raised a good issue. I have called and chatted support but I honestly do not think there is a viable answer to this question. Please Payoneer, could you make an effort to track our 4-digit code sent by Paypal to verify our Bank (wirecard ag) account. We are not talking about verifying our payoneer card. Thanks.
  • Khan85
    Khan85 Member Posts: 2
    I am having same issue, is there anyone who could help us?
  • tatyanarudnitskaya
    tatyanarudnitskaya Member Posts: 1
    same issue
  • riandi
    riandi Member Posts: 2
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