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whether the company Payoneer there are plans to open a branch in Indonesia?
Indonesia is my country
in my country there is no branch payoneer :)


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    Hi @andrirahmat , thank you for inviting us to to Indonesia! We may not have an office there, but we do have a brand ambassador there, so follow our social media channels to find about about upcoming events there :) 
  • andrirahmatandrirahmat Member Posts: 4
    Hi @Sivan , Well thanks for answering my post
    whether the company Payoneer has plans to create a branch office in my country? I am ready to be employees of Payoneer here
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    Thank you for letting us know :) We currently don't intend to open an office in Indonesia, but shall we will we will gladly remember you :)
  • andrirahmatandrirahmat Member Posts: 4
    well thank you for giving information and has been talking to me
    can follow my facebook
    so that we can talk conversation quickly :)
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