I Can't add payoneer master card as a payment method at google play store .

I want to buy a app from google play store but I Can't add payoneer master card as a payment method at google play store . When i was trying to add my card information and save it then it didn't work and said,'' there was a problem please contact with card provider bank". Then i contacted with google support, they said to me that my bank lock my account to add with google and suggest me to contact with bank to approve my card for using that card as android app buying. payoneer don't get my messege by email i tried previously many times. What can i do now??? PLease solve my problem asap...


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    Hi there,

    Basically the card we provide is a prepaid Mastercard. In essence there is two things you need to take into consideration when attempting to add a card to an online website/e-wallet:
    • Does my prepaid card has available funds on it so the website can verify the card?
    • Does the website accept the use of a prepaid Mastercard?
    When adding your card to websites as a repeating payment source, always make sure that the card has funds on it in advance before doing so (the first time). Unlike credit card, the prepaid card acts like a debit card and it is dependent on available funds on the card. No funds on the card means that the verification attempt will decline almost every time. .

    If you have funds on  the card and it is still not working, contact the website and ask if they work with prepaid cards. Not all websites work with prepaid card providers and in some cases the website may work with a handful of prepaid issuing banks. 

    Narrowing down the issue will definitely help in resolving this. If it is an issue that they don't accept the prepaid card, please let us know.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

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    That's a pumper we should able to use it anyway we want plus customer care should reply in last then 24 hours
    Pete Maulolo
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