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There is no answer to my request from support team

dymok Member Posts: 1

Not sure this the proper place, but I didn't find better one.

I sent a question (Reference Number: 151211-001037) to support team on 11th of December. I got auto reply and replied to that letter to provide further details.

I didn't get any further answers, letters, etc.

Is where a chance I can get my problem sorted in near future?


  • Zubair530
    Zubair530 Member Posts: 8
    The same is happening with me too....

    It just seems like whole of the support team is on vacation or deep sleep...

    Hey Support guys please wake-up!!!

    I hope you guys are not on some sort of strike....!!!
  • gooldeer
    gooldeer Member Posts: 3
    Same for me with ref number 151214-004743.
  • alexeyk1
    alexeyk1 Member Posts: 1
    Same for me. Guys, have you received any response to your tickets?
    My Ref No. 151216-005442 . Asked a question yesterday, but noone answers and I am in doubts..
  • Zubair530
    Zubair530 Member Posts: 8
    Well... I got a reply....

    @alexeyk1 you should wait at least 3,4 days for a reply...