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Does anyone can tell me if AulaYA is an affiliated company with Payoneer?

Tipo_71 Member Posts: 1
I'm writing by this way because I can't do it in the opening hours of public payoneer in which they receive phone calls or chats online. Is the case that I suscribed with payoneer because I'm working as a Math and Physics tutor for the web page Aula Ya. Because of my my ignorance of the processes between the company and payoneer, I subscribed to two different email accounts I have. That apparently caused payments I receive because since I started to solve problems for students not yet received. for this reason I write, in order to be able to start getting the money I earned working for classroom and page.

I know you say that would be enough to send a message, but the detail is that this company (Aula Ya) does not appear in the list of companies or programs in their format has Payoneer messaging to contact them and to raise any situation waiting for an appropriate response.

Really appreciate a solution that can solve my problem without any problems to implement it. To better understand my problem, I copy the mail that I received from the company classroom and where I communicate that they can not process my payments because the company Payoneer can not associate the email account with me or not an account in Payoneer with my name, the latter which is inexplicable to me.

Thanks for your time to read my message. Best regards

URGENT - AulaYa Questions & Answers Payment

Vladimir Thatar
10 dic. (hace 7 días)

Hi Tutor, we have processed today the payment for November (it was made in advanced so you could get your money before the end of the year) and we have received a report from Payoneer saying that your account does not exist or it is not associated to this email.

Please contact the Support Team of Payoneer so they can solve this situation ASAP and we can process your payment.



  • Asamoahk6
    Asamoahk6 Member Posts: 40 ✭✭
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