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Can I apply for debit card with my existing Payoneer account?

AzlanAR Member Posts: 1
Hi, Before this I only get paid by Payoneer via wire transfer. I want to apply for a Prepaid card but I can't use the same email. Do I need to create a new acc separately? I already contacted support but receive no response.


  • charime
    charime Member Posts: 2
    I have the same question.
  • Adam_Payoneer
    Adam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,021 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Most likely what would happen is that the support agent would advise you to close your old account before applying for a new prepaid card account. The two types of accounts are different from one another so it can't just be converted from one to another. Hopefully in the future this option will become available.

    However, if you registered your account through a company that pays you through Payoneer, it is possible to add a prepaid card to your account so you can start receiving payments from other companies. This however entirely depends on the way your account is set up, so the best thing to do is contact our support center and see what option is best suited for each individual case.

    Assuming you are told that you need to close the account in order to reapply with the same email, I recommend you update your email address before closing the account so you can easily reapply once the account is closed. 

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.