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Account hacked

is this possible guys ?
Hello , first at all i wanna apologize for my english , my name is Cristin , my account was hacked 4 months ago , 5000 dollars . Let me tell you how happend .
Morning i got a email my account is under review 48 hours and i cant acces my account or to withdraw money , i was a little bit scared , never happend to me that after 12 hours i didnt got a reply from this account about what is happening i called to center and they told me this is bad and they have to close my account to
Review the case ( well short story " was hacked " ) . I wait , 1 week ,2 , 1 month calling everyday and ask about my account , AFTER 4 months they ask me if i know a lady i think Diana Petre ( never heard this name ) , i never made a transaction card to card this is important , i said no , i had to wait more 1 month to get message of course in romanian because i think in english was bad for them , maybe i dont talk english well but i can undestand it ( well not needed that ) I SENT MONEY TO THIS PERSON and they cant give me money back , this is impossible is inacceptable is horrible to tell me that because they cant get money back from hacker accout and they are sayng is my fault , yes is my fault cause i worked with you . This is my review for all your customers , i contact the police and is a folder about that , if with you was this the reason i assure you all the police will say other thing . Thank you