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My case has been "under review" for 23 days now while my money is locked on my Payoneer account

Exynos Member Posts: 1
[Reference Number: 151123-002444]

My account was registered under a fake identity, I've explained to Payoneer why this had happened and after a few days they said they will ship the card to me so I can withdraw my funds then my account will be disabled. I replied with my address information, real name, and gave them my real ID as I can only pick up the card with my real details of course..

It has been 23 days since that reply and about 2 months since I withdrew my money from PayPal to Payoneer and I am still unable to access my funds. Everytime I call Payoneer's customer support line either things happen, an agent gives me a fake estimated date for when I will get a reply or I'm told the very same sentence all the time that it has been stuck into my brain "This case is under review with relevant department, we will send you an email as soon as we have an update."

I keep getting the same words everytime, I'm calling them like almost everyday and an agent just says "I will try and expedite it." but it looks like there is 0% speed up for the process at all, although they all say that had expedited it, I'm still getting no response. What also bothers me more is that the department that is "working" on my case does not have any contact details to reach them. The customer support is also refusing to give me any timeframe, I'm endlessly waiting and I am going through lots of troubles because of this. I'm in huge debt, and my money is hard-earnt that you're punishing me from taking it. I'm afraid I will keep waiting and this case will be "under review" forever.

I really don't see what makes this process take this long when you can just ship the card under my real name or if shipping the card under my real name is too much of a problem for you, you can just send me my money through Western Union..

I hope I'm not gonna get the same words I'm getting from the customer support on this thread's replies too...