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My account was charged without the atm machine dispensing the money.

rose0313 Member Posts: 1
Good day,i was charged of $211.06 on my account last december 19,2015 at our local bank here (Country Bank) i first tried to withdraw a bit higher amount but the machine said the amount i am withdrawing is greater than what i have on my account,so i tried a lower amount and then it said "cannot dispense money,so that means the machine dont have cash anymore,so i cancelled the transaction and try on 2 another banks it then said my funds are not enough and when i checked online on my account it only shows $1.94,how come it happened without the first machine dispensing money and a receipt?It was like magic that my money was gone.I already went to that bank here but they said i should contact my bank and tell them to contact the local bank here for the dispute.I also contacted payoneer about this and sent the dispute form today but still no reply.I need help because i need that money to pay my rent and bills that are already due for this month.
My reference 151219-002224
Please help me get my money back immediately. :( :( :(


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