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Pre Authorize Transactions List

I purchased the zynga poker chips for $ 25. Transactions is declined. On my account the amount was reduced to $ 25 but I did not get chips. Now I see their funds in "Pre Authorize Transactions List" " Date: 10/12/2012 17:08 T45780953 Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase International FACEBOOK.COM*CREDITS 650-543-7818 IRL Amount to charge: $25.45" I want to buy a chip in or return funds to my account!

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    Most likely this was an issue in the merchant's system and they were unable to process the transaction. Whenever you try to use the card online, the merchant sends Payoneer an authorization request. Once Payoneer approved it, they then proceed to process the transaction (this all happens in seconds). In this case, Payoneer approved that request, but the merchant did not proceed with the transaction.

    Pre-authorization holds last generally up to 7 business days, after which is the merchant does not process them will expire and be returned to your available card balance.
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    It's been 8 days and nothing has happened. My money is still trapped!!

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