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Payooner can not send my money for 1 week.

mtkn Member Posts: 2
Hi. i'm using Payooner for 3 weeks. I have no payooner cards. I'm working with Quizgroup. I define my bank account to Payooner. (Turkish bank) (And Turkish bank account) Quiz sent me money. Then i got a e-mail. "Quiz sent you money and we'll send this money to you after 3 days. Today 1 week happened. And i'm still waiting for money. I'm trying to talk with Payooner customer service. They just saying We'll return to you with mail. 1 week passed guys. Why nobody dont help me ? Where is my money ? Why payoneer customer service cant find any solution to my problem ? Who can help me ? I'm writing here for my last chance. Please someone help me. I'm tired of waiting


  • mtkn
    mtkn Member Posts: 2
    I found the problem. Quizgroup sent me money with Dollars but i didnt take money because of my bank is working with Turkish liras. That's why i didnt take any money. Now i dont know how can i fix this. And what happened to the money. When my bank refuse Dollars, where did send this money. That's my problem. I hope payoneer can find the money. And give it me back. But for now nobody not helping me.