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URGENT: My card doesn't work anymore and i'm in travel in south america and running out of cash...

ravenvox Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

I have a HUGE ISSUE, I'm a travel in brasil, and my card got scratched and doesn't work anymore, I have few cash to survive few days in here... I contacted the support to ship me a new card via DHL (I have money to cover the shipping) but they are EXTREMLY SLOW and send me unrelated question, like an adress for shipping in my home country(Morocco) while I'm in brasil...
I have all my money on my payoneer... I'm about to get broke while I have money... PLEASE HELP ME.
My reference number for DHL shipping request [Reference Number: 160103-005605]
This is really sensitive case and urgent, as I won't have any money while my online business is doing well and my money is blocked on my payoneer account because you didn't ship me yet a new card via DHL express.

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