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Paypal to Payoneer Transfer Times & Card to Card

Sorry in advance for the length of the background info :p . I've had a US payment service acc for a while but only recently started using it and successfully got my first payment from a company which took about 2 or so days to turn up in my account. Considering the timezone differences i'm quite ok with that. Now because i can only get paypal payments from certain companies: i found Bilal's guide about using the EU payment and linking to a german paypal acc which i then followed. I had tried to do the bank verification(cause i didn't read that it wouldn't work..oops) but the 0.01 they use to verify showed up in my Payoneer acc within a day.

I thought this was great and thought well maybe i can transfer money from my old paypal to my new german one and withdraw to payoneer. Except i haven't gotten my EU card yet (due to arrive in two weeks). After some searching i found that there is a card to card option which is not showing up in account yet and this is either because i haven't activated my EU card or i haven't received payment to the EU payment service.I then decided to try withdraw a small amount from my paypal ~10 euros.My small withdrawal has not shown up in Payoneer yet (it's been about 3 days now) which suprises me because the verification amount showed up after about a day....

So my questions are these:
Can i only use the card to card function after i received and activated my other card?
how long is the Paypal to Payoneer transfer supposed to take?


  • Tate_EthosVeritas
    Tate_EthosVeritas Member Posts: 2
    Update: Paypal withdrawal did come through after 4 days; would still like answer on card to card if possible