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Really scare to use my payoneer account till my problem solved

ubayrakci Member Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in Ask The Community
Last week i had a really bad experinece with my payoneer card. I tried to make withdrawl my ($2000) from my country ATM machine , but the ATM machine did not give my money . When i checked my payoneer account , the 2039USD was on pending. Firstly i called the my country ATM machine company and they said the money already refunded.
After all I called the payoneer service and they told me that my money will be refunded 10th of July. Today (11th) i called again buy they said they would turn back to ASAP by email. But when???? No date no time.

My 2039USD is still pending. And i did not receive my money 11 days that i need.

What do i have to do?


  • ubayrakci
    ubayrakci Member Posts: 2
    Problem solved by the Payoneer live center. The money loaded to my account.