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Paypal not llowing you to add bank account - solved (for me)

rgjoyce Member Posts: 1
The reason that I could not add the account to paypal is because my paypal account is in hongkong and the bank account from payoneer is in the USA.
They blocked the addition for security reasons.
It's simple, log into your paypal account.
Go to the Add bank account page and enter the routing and account number for your Payoneer US Payment Service account.

Open a new tab, Open Paypal, Go to the bottom of the page, Click Help. Click the call by phone option.
They give you the phone number, check the country code when calling. they give you a six digit id number too.
when you call, enter the number when they ask for it.
Tell them the problem and they will change some settings in your paypal account.
When they have done this, change to the paypal page and click Save.

You're done. the account will be added.


  • cox
    cox Member Posts: 1
    Is you paypal acc. bussiness or personal?
    Today I did the same as you and they refused to lift the restriction saying that they no longer support Payoneer.