Bank Account?

NorfurNorfur Posts: 8Member
So I just signed up for Do I use the same details as my Bank of America account thingy, or is there something else I should do?


  • justdmitryjustdmitry Posts: 2Member
    Yes, I'm interested too. The bank country in the payment details is Canada and cannot be changed.
  • justdmitryjustdmitry Posts: 2Member
    When I try to enter data of USA bank account into payment details I have got the following error: "The bank account number you entered has an incorrect length. Please check and try again.", so I think all we need the account in some Canadian bank to earn with Is there any chance to get it on Payoneer?
  • evitarubinevitarubin Posts: 3Member
    I'm having the same issue...anyone get this figured out?
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